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The Ends of The Earth teaser trailer from Geoffrey Haney on Vimeo.


When faced with an apocalypse brought on by an alliance between rogue supernatural entities, a diverse group of survivors — joined together by their knowledge of a prophetic book which details the end of the earth — must band together to unravel the conspiracy and reverse the horrors unleashed upon their world.

Told in a series of connected chapters, this anthology series comes from creators GEOFFREY YOUNG HANEY and BRANDON K. TARLETON, with production set to begin as soon as spring 2015. This teaser will be used to help pitch our story to Amazon Studios and other distribution and production channels, in hopes of creating a bonafide television series of utmost quality. We will also be shooting a 4 minutes “teaser episode” to better shed light on the world we’ve created. Look for that soon.

With the melancholy and lyricism of HBO’s True Detective blended with the thrills and adventures of shows like the CW’s Supernatural and AMC’s The Walking Dead, it is our belief that this story could be the next big thing on television. For more information, check out

The trailer was designed, edited, and scored by Geoffrey Young Haney, with voice talent provided by Amanda Friday (check her out at

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All day.

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What We Talk About When We Talk About YA


Hello! My name is Kerri Miller Christopher Beha AO Scott Ruth Graham Nathaniel Hawthorne Socrates Bob and I’m here to tell you that we’re all going to hell. HELL. Why, you ask? Well, let me expound upon it in a million-word screed that I will make as condescending as possible: because…

Well I don’t know about the rest of those links, but I read the Scott essay and if all you gathered from that thoughtful and relatively balanced opinion was the urge to write a number of sarcastic paragraphs decrying “old white men”, then I think you missed a lot going on in that article, and may have inadvertently proven his point.

The elevation of every individual’s inarguable likes and dislikes over formal critical discourse, the unassailable ascendancy of the fan, has made children of us all.”

That’s from his article. That’s what you just did. You used sarcasm (a child’s MO) to refute something Scott disagreed with you on (and by the way, he’s a film and TV critic; he hardly even talked about YA fiction in the whole piece.) You got borderline called out for being “childish” and then acted overly childish in response. Kinda funny.

That being said I don’t begrudge you your feelings. It would be really hard to not be “taken serious” when your work and what you feel called to write and read is popular and is selling. But here’s the thing… if the old establishments don’t mean anything, why give a rip about what they’re saying about your collective? Why expect or even want their their approval, their recognition?

Hell, Harry Potter changed the freaking world. The Chronicles of Narnia was written by an EXTREMELY intelligent and insight guy. I write MG fantasy and fiction, too. I get it. But it’s also up to us to shape the context. Just because something is “for children” does not mean it has to be “childish.” That’s what the greats have taught us. There was a reason I was made to read The Hobbit and Animal Farm and the like in 6th grade: because kids get story and they understand far more than we give them credit for. So “dumbing down” our fiction (especially in cinema) isn’t done with “appealing to kids” or this adolescent culture in mind so much as it’s about “appealing to as many people as possible.” And a large majority of those people have kids and don’t mind taking them to a movie where they can shut their brains off for a moment. That’s why Hollywood makes Big Dumb Movies; that’s why companies like Marvel and Pixar stand out because they tend NOT to think of their fans as idiot children, even if they might like silly “childish” things, like superheroes and animation.

But anyway, keep writing; keep fighting the good fight. And let us all spend our energy building up things we love rather than trying to tear down things we disagree with. JMO


Cyclops by Ryan Stegman


Cyclops by Ryan Stegman

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American Horror Story: Freak Show - Main Titles

My new anthem.

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So I don’t make a lot of personal posts, I try to keep that on my personal blog. However something has been happening recently that after talking with several people I know I decided to post about here. My computer is currently experiencing several problems running, it’s pretty old and every time…


My kids are probably the last generation to be able to identify this on sight. That’s weird.

And mine won’t have a f*&%ing clue lol.


My kids are probably the last generation to be able to identify this on sight. That’s weird.

And mine won’t have a f*&%ing clue lol.

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Spidey by Gabriele Dell’Otto


Spidey by Gabriele Dell’Otto

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Your quirks make you special.

Your struggles give you strength.

What seems to be a detriment in one season can be an amazing asset in the next.

What seems like the end of the line can become a launching pad.

Think for a moment about the culture makers and influencers in the area of your passion.

Almost everyone of them was an underdog, a weirdo, or both.

Each and every one.

Awkward kids. Odd balls. Misfits. Outcasts. Quacks. Underdogs. Weirdos.

Just like you and me.

There was no reason that we should know their names.

But we do.

Their pain became a platform.

Their quirks fueled their work.

Their struggles gave them strength.

Stop trying to be conventional.

Quit squeezing your square butt into round holes.

Don’t put your personality on the shelf while you try to be someone else.

Be original.

Be you.

Be grateful that you are you.

Because when it is all said and done, we really don’t really have another choice.

And maybe, just maybe your weird, oddball, underdog story will be the inspiration for another misfit to bravely live their own.

—   Julian Newman

Filtration Basics: Cost, Uses, & Filters You Should Never Leave Home Without

solid video

One of my favorite songs ever.

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